About the Coalition

Established chiropractic organizations, faculty, students, individual chiropractors, chiropractic technique groups, and those independendant chiropractors who do not belong to any organization, who wish to see Vertebral Subluxation remain the focus of the chiropractic profession, have joined the Coalition to make their voice heard clearly, by supporting the Vision for a Sustainable Chiropractic Profession.

The Coalition was created by chiropractic friends, chiropractic college administrators, and dedicated colleagues holding diverse viewpoints within the vertebral subluxation centered model of chiropractic. It is important to note that the Coaltion does not wish to become a new professional association or be in competition with any group. It remains independent of all other organizations. Its strength is in our willingness to work efficiently without seeking credit. To that end, for the past two years, we have communicated and coordinated with many of the profession’s organizations that share our values and organized the Coalition for the Advancement of Chiropractic. The Coalition’s Voice will be heard for sustaining and advancing our profession for future generations.

The Coalition’s role is to coordinate efforts among likeminded DCs, DCs2b and organizations to implement needed reforms in chiropractic education. United behind the core values of chiropractic, we will win.